Jesus said in Matthew 16 that He would build His church, and building the church is what Refuge is all about!

First, we are building God’s house in our church and in our individual lives.  It is our desire to make a place for God to demonstrate His character, and His power for all of northeast Arkansas to see.  We are strongly committed to developing strong believers through the transforming power of the Word of God.  We’re also committed to experiencing and sharing the awesome power of the Holy Spirit demonstrated through miracles, healing, signs, wonders, and His gifts.

Not only are we building God’s House, but we are building a place of refuge for people.  In a world filled with so much pain, and so many problems, everyone needs a safe place – a place where they can be loved and accepted, a place where they can heal and grow.  We believe Refuge Church is that safe place where people of all backgrounds can build a meaningful relationship with God, and fulfilling relationships with people.

We are also building bridges to the people of northeast Arkansas, and the world by providing a means through which they can cross the divide that has separated them from Him.  Through our outreach ministry (New Life), our food ministry (Provision 88), our bus ministry (Refuge Shuttle), and our missions program, Refuge is opening the door for people all over the world, giving them access into the kingdom of God.